Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Sizzling Summer Word Art


Once again I am sharing my Word Art with you

made as a challenge at 

Escape from Reality forum

This is my result of another Back-to-Basics tutorial

offered in the Forum.


Please if you use any of my Word Art, 

direct taggers with a Link to my Blog

and to not share it anywhere else.

Thank you

SteamPunk Word Art


The above word art made by myself for a PSP Challenge at

Escape for Reality Forum

using a back-to-basics tutorial

Feel free to click on Word art

and right click to save.

Hope you find a use for it.

Here is an example of what I made with it

In this tag, I used the brilliant Steampunk kit by Dee

called Steampunk Mischief available for purchase

at her STORE 

and the gorgeous Steampunk 59 Tube by Very Many

Steampunk Fan

This tutorial was written May 8th, 2021 for those with moderate knowledge of PSP

The tutorial was written for Artistic Tag Passions Blog HERE

and includes a link to an amazing kit available in the Forum only.

I am using the Exclusive artwork of Alehandra Vanhek purchased at PFD  HERE

Exclusive kit called Artistic Automaton by PPP available at Artistic Tag Passions Forum HERE

Mask by Basima - 2021-03 Spring Mask 4 found on Creative Misfits Blog HERE

Plugins: Mura's Meister - Copies
         Toadies - What Are You

*Remember to sharpen elements as you resize: I use unsharp mask: 1/50/5 luminance checked*

Open your version of Corel PSP:
New image 675 x 675 px transparent.
Flood fill white
Elem #135 - 34% C/P
Apply Mura's Meister copies Plugin - Encircle - number 12, Shift X - 65, Shift Y - 66
Apply Toadie's What Are You? Plugin - change values to 10/10.

Add new raster layer, select all, copy Paper 34 & paste into the selecton. Cntl D to deselect.
Apply mask. Merge group.
Elem 171 - 75% C/P
Frame 11 - 57% C/P, D/S
Elem 64 - 75% C/P - duplicate, mirror, place side by side & merge down to each other.
Resize this 72% & place in the top half of the frame.
Elem 181 - 75% C/P, place slightly to left, duplicate & mirror

We will work with Elem 75 separately. 
Open elem 75, using selection tool - eclipse, feather 0, draw a selection inside this cameo frame
Selections - Edit - use 'Pick tool' to adjust size of the selection. 
Selections Edit again to exit. Press delete. Do not deselect.
open main tube C/P as new layer below frame, adjust and resize as desired, invert selection, delete, Cntl D. 

Duplicate tube, change blend mode to soft light, dec opacity to 69%, merge down.
Merge frame layer to tube layer. C/P on working image.

On working image, resize this cameo frame to your liking. Duplicate & close copy.

Elem 68 - 67% C/P, move down 

Main tube - 65% C/P sitting inside trunk. Erase or use freehand selection tool to delete part of tube.
*Tip: decrease opacity of main tube for precise placement, then draw selection or erase to rid of excess tube*
Duplicate tube - change blend mode to soft light and dec opacity to 62%. Merge down.
D/S both trunk & main tube.

Elem 143 - 50%, C/P to left atop black netting
duplicate, mirror, D/S
Elem 60 - R/S to 60 x 72 px, flip horizontal, D/S
Elem 67 - R/S to 98 x 202 px, D/S
Elem 62 - 35%, D/S
Elem 88 - R/S 196 x 141 px, C/P D/S
Elem 137 - 25%, duplicate, R/S 65% - D/S both
Elem 74 - 25% D/S
Elem 154 - 25%, rotate left 90 Deg.
Elem 28 - 25% D/S
Elem 180 - 50% D/S

Open copy of cameo frame we created earlier, R/S 50%, place as desired.

Add copyright, name & url. Delete white background and save as a PNG.
Hope you enjoy your result!

I also created an animated version using a steam animation by Simone HERE
and fan animation by myself  HERE

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!


Friday, March 5, 2021

Kiss Me Forum Style

In this PSP tutorial I used the artwork by Zlata_M called Lara
purchased at Pics For Design
Beautiful PTU Scrapkit by Kathy's PSP Design 
called Kiss Me
also available at Pics for Design
I love the colour combination in this St. Patrick's Day Scrap kit

Plugins:  Mura Meister - Copies
EyeCandy 4 - Gradient Glow for copyright only
Optional:  L and K landksiteofwonders ~ Zitah
Word Art by myself HERE
Font Impact

D/S ~ light drop shadow of choice

*~ Let's get started ~*

Open New Image 650 x 250 px transparent
 Flood fill white
Open elem 7 ~ R/S 50% C/P
apply mura's meister - copies
wallpaper - rotate - change top number to 25
duplicate this layer - change blend mode to 'overlay' on copy
on original tube layer apply
Texture effects ~ Fur:
15 blur , 90 density, 11 length, 44 transparency
also apply plugin L en K landksiteofwonders - Zitah 
settings: 5, 22, 29, 47, 65, 66, 57, 32
Merge the top overlay layer
down to the Zitah layer
'copy' this merged layer

To make the border for this forum set:
select the very top layer
Add a new raster layer - flood fill white
Select all - modify contract by 5 px ~ press delete 
Rename this layer 'white border'
keep selection - select modify expand by 5
Add a new raster layer
Select all - 'Paste into the selection'
modify contract by 3 ~ press delete & deselect.
Rename this layer 'pink border'

Still on this layer ~ Texture Effects ~ Weave
1, 3, 20 color white, white, fill gaps checked ~ ok
This should give the pink border a pretty dotted effect.

Back to decorating your signature tag...

Open element 53 ~ R/S 40% copy
paste below the white border layer
Rename this layer 'center leaf frame'
On left hand column in PSP, find tool - Saturation Up/Down
Mine is located in the lighten/darken group of tools
On this leaf frame we are going to brighten
it by dragging this brush tool over the frame itself.
make a circular trace over the frame a couple of times
change blend mode to 'screen'

Copy main tube with floral headpiece
Paste as a new layer below leaf frame
Center face within the frame, press delete. D/S

Select the layer below this main facial tube
Open main tube again, R/S 50% C/P
arrange to left of your working image
duplicate & mirror
Merge down 

Add flowers as you wish around the bottom of the leaf frame
elem 21 ~ 50%, duplicate, mirror
elem 8 - 25%, duplicate, mirror
elem 29 ~ 20%
elem 71 ~ 10%, duplicate, mirror
elem 97 ~ 50% place over
tube on left, duplicate, mirror
using eraser tool, erase any part of the sparkle
that overly on her face
elem 12 ~ 35%
arrange along bottom of working image, duplicate
move these elements to align horizontally
*see reference tag*
elem 4 ~ 25%, duplicate & mirror
elem 6 ~  50% place behind far right Lara tube layer

Add a new raster layer. Rename it Gradient
We are going to make a gradient.
In your material box, set foreground colour to #eca8a0
fill colour to #d6b8d6
select gradient tab in foreground ~ 45 degree angle, repeats 0

Find the gradient fill tool on your left hand column in PSP
located within the flood fill group
Select All on your layers palette (gradient layer)
using the gradient fill tool, drag the paint can from the Top Right hand corner
at a diagonal line down 
towards the bottom left hand corner & release.
Change the blend mode to 'soft light'

This should give the layers below a soft romantic glow.

C/P wordart supplied

Add copyright above the white & pink border layers in a dark green colour
duplicate copyright
on original layer,
apply eye candy 4 ~ gradient glow width - 3
soft corners - 5, overall opacity 100
colour white. Merge the two copyright layers together

Add name in font Impact sz 72 foreground nil, fill any colour
rotate name 90 degrees to left, align along left border
Objects ~ Align Vertical center in canvas 

select all, float, defloat
3D effects - Cutout 2, 2, 25 opacity, 5 blur
shadow colour black  fill interior with colour # fcd9e1
apply drop shadow 2, 2, 25, 5 blur, black. Deselect
change blend mode to Hard Light

Drop shadow any elements you wish using a light setting

Bravo!  Almost done...

For Avatar

Open elem 53 ~ 30% all layers checked

Back to Signature tag
select layer named center leaf frame
using magic wand, click inside frame
modify expand by 2 px
copy MERGED** then deselect.
**we are copying everything that lies within this circle leaf frame**

Back to avatar frame,
Using magic wand, click inside, modify expand by 1 px
Add a new raster layer below frame
Paste into the selection. Deselect.
Add a soft D/S to the frame 0, 0, 25, 3 blur, black
add elem 38 ~ 25%
elem 62 ~ 35%
rotate 90 deg to left

Add first Initial using same technique as in Sig tag.
Merge visible and save as a PNG
to keep avatar transparent

Settings for saving as PNG:
Optimized palette - optimizer: 16.7 million colours

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 One of my favourite movies is Burlesque

starring Cher, Christina Aguilera & Cam Gigandet,

The dancing, music and singing are phenomenal!

This movie is the premise for this Forum Set

Hope you enjoy!

In this PSP tutorial I used the artwork of Barbara Jensen
purchased at Scraps & the City which unfortunately is now closed
I'm sure any tube will do fine!
Plugins - Mura Meister - Copies
EyeCandy 4 - HSB Noise
Filters Unlimited 2.0 - paper textures
Hemp rope HERE
Button is a psp tube from Corel
look under Home in your PSP program
Get More - scroll to find free items
Word Art by myself HERE
Font VIP

D/S = drop shadow of choice

*~ Let's get started ~*

Open New Image 650 x 250 px transparent
 Flood fill white
Open regular tube (not close-up) C/P
arrange tube to show more of face
duplicate tube, close copy
on original use mura's meister - copies
wallpaper - rotate - change top number to 15
duplicate this layer - mirror
apply EyeCandy 4 - HSB noise
'Necrotic tissue' setting
Adjust Blur - motion blur - 90 deg angle, 75 strength
Repeat this motion blur

Copy Merged both layers
Paste as a NEW IMAGE
from Image - decrease color depth 2 color palette - greyscale - ordered dither**

**This is a clever technique by Vix of Vix's PSP Tag Tutorials
It adds both texture & greyscale to the layer** 
thank you Vix!

Copy this greyed image
Paste back onto your working image as a new layer
change blend mode to Burn, lower opacity 85%

Unhide the main tube layer
duplicate & change copy to 'soft light' and add Blur - Gaussian Blur of 3
on original tube, use Filters Unlimited 2.0 paper textures - canvas fine
default settings
D/S this layer 4/4/75/17 blur - black

Now we are going to make the 3 small boxes as seen on the left of the tag

Using selection tool - rectangle - square
draw out a square about 45 x 45 px
Add a new layer, flood fill the selection white
keeping the selection, modify contract 2 px & press delete
Modify selection - expand 1 px, invert selection
Grab your main tube, copy & paste
below this small square frame
arrange so one eye shows through box
press delete on keyboard. Deselect.
Duplicate eye layer - change blend mode to 'soft light'
Merge down
Merge down the tiny square frame to 'eye' tube layer

Duplicate twice for a total of 3 boxes
View - Grid - align the 3 boxes vertically
*see reference tag*
Remove Grid
D/S mini-frames

Add hemp rope -10%
colour white using brightness/contrast 255/0

Once all 3 boxes are aligned vertically, merge down all 3 together

to connect the three squares
Using color white as foreground colour in material palette
with pen tool, line style, width 3
hold shift key down while drawing a vertical line behind the 3 square pictures

convert to raster layer & D/S
*see reference tag*

Add a new raster layer, add a picture tube button
colour it white using brightness/contrast 255/0 
resize & D/S if needed
move above white hemp rope

Add any elements you desire on a new raster layer ie. brushes or stars
I added stars though the signature tag

when complete, merge all layers visible
Add a new raster layer
Flood fill white - select all
modify contract by 5 - delete. Deselect.
Add a new raster layer
Flood fill with a gradient:
foreground colour - dark colour from tube
fill colour - light colour from tube
select gradient linear -45 deg angle, no repeat
Fill the layer
Select all - modify contract by 3 px. Delete & deselect.
Duplicate gradient frame
On original gradient frame - add D/S
on duplicate layer, add Noise: random, 53, monochrome
Sharpen once

Add word art.

Signature tag is complete after adding your copyright, license, URL & name

Important:  Save as a PSP file in your Blank folder

For Avatar

Use crop tool, grab corner crop to 175 x 200 px
watching the size dimension on the lower right of your PSP window - release
do not crop but move the tool over the 3 small window 
left of your main tag (do not crop yet)
select the Main tube with move tool
dragging it beneath the 3 mini-pictures
*see Avatar above*
duplicate this main tube & change duplicate blend to 'soft light'
Crop tag now
Add same border as we did for signature tag
ie. white border & D/S
gradient border, duplicate & add noise
D/S & Sharpen
Merge Visible
Add copyright & license.
Save as a PSP file in your blank folder

Voila! You have a quick avatar for your signature tag!

Add names to your Avatar & Signature
Merge visible and save as a PNG
Settings for saving as PNG:
Optimized palette - optimizer: 16.7 million colours

You did it!